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3 things to do for great skin in your 20s, 40s, and 60s

Skin is like everything else in life: look after it well and it will look good for many, many years. There are lots of things you can do to help keep your skin in the best-possible condition, despite the inevitable passage of time. Here are just three for each of he...

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The Importance of Daily SPF

The burning issue of too much sun When you open the curtains and the sun streams in, there’s no denying its feel good factor. And let’s face it, without the sun, none of us would actually be here. But while it supports life all over the planet, the sun is also pretty...

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Top Tips: Keeping your skin healthy during winter

Did you know it’s National Winter Skin Relief Day on 8th January in the USA? We just found out ourselves. And while we’re not sure Britain is quite ready to dedicate a whole day to winter skin relief, here are our thoughts on the subject… What can you do if you’re...

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Dermatude Meta Therapy Skincare by Lippy in London

Meta Therapy is a 'facelift alternative' that combines skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, hydration and recovery in one unique treatment. Standing for Medical and Esthetical Tissue Activation, Meta Therapy is 100% natural and offers visible results without the use of...

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