20+  they’re not getting rid of wrinkles –  they’re preventing them…

Today’s 20+ knows the value of looking after their skin. They have so many products and treatments to choose from, but the clever ones know that smooth, clear, and fresh looking skin is the result of a good diet, and a bit of effort. It’s all about starting good routines, and sticking to them.

This age group is not too worried about getting rid of wrinkles, at this moment – they are focussed on preventing them. Health and lifestyle play a role and whilst youth is on their side, they still have a wish list for perfection and skin goals feature high.

The results your younger clients will achieve will be a smoother, more even complexion, tighter pores, fresher, and visibly more hydrated skin. Everything they need to get the skin looking photo ready, and help them achieve that ‘perfect skin’ look – without the ‘pretty’ filters! Best of all – the result is 100% natural.

What is your skin condition?

  • Young skin
  • Firm, good tone and higher levels of natural collagen and elastin
  • Although technically – the ageing process is in effect – this is not yet visible

What are your skin concerns?

  • Busy schedule, late nights, and early mornings – lack of sleep causing congestion
  • Normal hormonal flux causing occasional breakouts and open pores
  • Diet and lifestyle affect hydration levels – oily or dry
  • Towards the latter of this age group, fine lines begin to appear

What can Dermatude do for you?

  • Smooth, refine, and perfect texture
  • Congestion and imperfections cleared away
  • Hydration levels improved – oily/dry skin balanced
  • Tighten pores
  • Skin looks brighter and fresh

How long is a recommended course of Dermatude treatment?

Typically, for this younger age group, Dermatude would still performed as a course of treatments. Because the aim of the treatments is to refine and perfect, it’s likely that a shorter course of 4 to 6 is all that’s needed. As with any course of treatment, maintenance treatments afterwards will help maintain the results and keep the skin looking, and feeling its best. These maintenance treatments can be booked at approximately 6 to 8 week intervals. Good skin care and maintenance now will pay dividends later.


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